Why Utah Dog Owners Choose Artificial Grass

There are many reasons why dog owners in Utah are choosing artificial grass for landscaping their yards. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association poll, results found that 36.2% of Utah households owned dogs. So more than a third of Utah homeowners are worrying about their furry friends making a mess in their home! Let’s talk about the difference artificial grass can make when it comes to owning dogs.

Dog in backyard with artificial grass installed by turfing zion.
Our dog loves playing outside on our artificial grass!

The Utah Dog Owner's Dilemma: Problems Pet Owners Face

Utah’s weather can be tough on lawns. Scorching summers, freezing winters, and occasional (okay, who are we kidding, we mean perpetual!!) droughts are standard outside forces that we take into consideration. “Boys will be boys” might not be the thing to say anymore these days, but we still stand by the saying “Dogs will be dogs!” Our doggos love to run, dig, and poop on your grass. While this is all part of the joy of having a pet, it can also be taxing on your lawn, and make a giant mess when they track that mud inside the house.

Turfing Zion Has The Ultimate Utah Pet Owner's Solution: Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a go-to solution for Utah pet owners who want their dogs to enjoy a safe and comfortable outdoor space year-round, while also making it easier to care for their furry friends. Here’s why artificial grass is a game-changer for pet owners in Utah:

1. Year-Round Enjoyment: Dogs don’t care about the weather. Artificial grass remains green and comfortable year-round, even in Utah’s unpredictable climate.

2.  Durability: Utah dog owners know the importance of a tough lawn. Artificial grass can withstand the wear and tear of active pets. It doesn’t develop the unsightly brown patches or muddy spots that natural grass can.

3. Reduced Allergens: Utah’s landscape is beautiful but can be a source of allergies. Natural grass lawns harbor allergens like pollen. Artificial grass is allergen-free, creating a healthier environment for both pets and their owners.

4. Low Maintenance: Utah pet owners have so many things to think about! Work, family, getting enough exercise, and basically all the adult responsibilities. Artificial grass can help alleviate some of those not-so-fun responsibilities: by eliminating the need to mow and weed your lawn. Artificial grass is low-maintenance, freeing up your weekends. No mowing, no weeding, and no worries about fertilizers, re-seeding every spring, and pesticide chemicals!

A Win-Win for Utah Pet Owners

For Utah pet owners, artificial grass is a win-win solution. It provides a beautiful and functional outdoor space for your furry friends to enjoy while also helping you conserve water, save time on maintenance, and maintain an eco-conscious lifestyle. Turfing Zion’s assortment of pet-friendly grass will make you say thanks and your dogs say “Woof!” Artificial grass ensures that Utah dog owners can have their green lawns and happy tails too.

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