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Utah's Artificial Grass Buyback Program

Get paid to switch to artificial grass!

Get PAID to swap to Artificial Grass. Claim your FREE quote!

The Utah Landscape Lawn Exchange

program offers a rebate to replace their thirsty natural lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping.


The good news? Artificial turf is all
owed under the program!

Each city has its own standards and requirements for landscaping, including for artificial grass. It’s essential to be aware of these before installing anything, even if it’s allowed under the incentive program.

‚ÄčThe program encourages Utah residents to reduce their water usage by replacing thirsty, natural grass lawns, and replacing standard sprinklers¬†with drip systems.

‚ÄčThis rebate program is one-of-a-kind and¬†BRAND NEW!¬†and there are a lot of questions!

We worked with representatives of various water districts, and have assembled an FAQ guide for you!

Q:How big does my project have to be to qualify?

A: You must be removing a minimum of 200 square feet of grass to qualify for this program.

Q: If I already started a project, can I still qualify to get a rebate?

A: You must have a technician from Water Savers come to your property, measure, and approve your project in order to qualify for a rebate. If you are already mid-project, you do not qualify for this program.

Q: How much money do I get back?

A: This will depend on who your water provider is. Some are matching the rebate from the state so you will get even more back! You can calculate your estimated rebate on the utah water savers website.

Q: Can I do the project myself?

A: Yes! It’s estimated that replacing grass by yourself will cost under $5 per square foot. If you feel overwhelmed by this prospect, you can hire a professional to help you.

Q: Does artificial grass qualify?

A: Yes! The program emphasizes the importance of natural foliage while also supporting water-wise choices like artificial grass. 35% of your project needs to be plant coverage. For example: if your project is 1000 square feet, 65% of that can be artificial turf and the other 35% can be perennials, shrubs, or trees. We can come give you a free quote on switching your landscape to artificial grass as part of your project. Each municipality has their own requirements for plant coverage. So make sure you check in with your specific city and water district!

Take advantage of this program while it's here!

We can measure your project and give you a FREE quote to swap to Artificial Grass.

Switch to Artificial Grass. Claim your FREE quote!