Why Utah Dog Owners Choose Artificial Grass

It is time to give your artificial grass some extra care now that the scorching summer sun is out in full force. We get it—you chose artificial grass for its hassle-free benefits, but a little maintenance can go a long way in keeping your lush green landscape looking its best. We at Turfing Zion would like to share with you simple steps that can keep your artificial lawn in tip-top shape!

Top five summer lawn care tips for your artificial grass from turfing zion.
Ready to embrace stress-free summers? Your artificial grass is!

1.Spruce Up with a Light Rinse

Much like you’ll splash your face with water to sense fresh, your artificial grass desires a mild rinse now and then. Dust, dirt, and pollen can accumulate, causing your grass to lose its luster. Grab your garden hose and give it a gentle spray. No need to go overboard; a light rinse is all you need to keep it looking vibrant!

2. Remove Debris Promptly

Leaves, twigs, and the occasional stray paper can find their way onto your artificial turf. You only need to sweep these intruders away quickly. Your lawn will look good if the surface is kept clean, and it will also shield it from any potential harm.

3. Combat Odors Naturally

If you’re a pet owner, you know the struggle of dealing with odors. No worries! Because baking soda is here to save the day! Sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the area where your furry friend did their business, and let it sit for a while before rinsing. Voila! Freshness restored without any harsh chemicals.

4. Embrace the Shade

Artificial grass is a champ when it comes to tolerating heat. If you have trees or structures that offer a bit of respite from the blazing sun, your lawn will thank you for it. Plus, you’ll have a cooler spot to lounge on during those scorching summer afternoons.

5. Keep your Artificial Grass Cool

We get it – artificial grass doesn’t need water to thrive. But a light mist now and then can help bring down the temperature on super-hot days. Think of it as a cooling mist for your lawn, similar to how you would enjoy a fan’s mist to beat the heat.

Turfing zion artificial grass amongst desert landscaping.
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Remember, our team is all about showcasing the perks of artificial grass in Utah's climate. We have been championing the cause of water-saving, low-maintenance lawns for a while now. Artificial grass isn't just a pretty face; it's a practical choice that aligns perfectly with Utah's unique environment.

So, whether you're soaking up the sun in Salt Lake City or enjoying the serenity of St. George, these summer care tips will help your artificial lawn remain as inviting as ever. If you take care of your lawn, it will reward you with a beautiful, year-round green environment.

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