Mythbusters! Artificial Grass Edition

We understand that there are misconceptions surrounding artificial turf. 

In this blog post, we aim to debunk some common myths and provide you with accurate information about the benefits and qualities of artificial grass. 

Let's separate fact from fiction and help you make an informed decision for your outdoor space.

Artificial grass installed by turfing zion in southern utah.
Artificial grass looks even better than natural grass!

Myth 1: Artificial Turf Looks Fake and Unattractive.

Fact: Gone are the days of fake-looking synthetic grass. Today's advanced manufacturing techniques have led to the development of artificial turf that closely resembles natural grass. High-quality artificial grass is designed with various shades of green, natural textures, and even realistic thatch, resulting in a visually appealing and lifelike appearance.

Myth 2: Artificial Grass Requires High Maintenance.

Fact: On the contrary, artificial grass is incredibly low maintenance. Unlike natural grass, it does not need mowing, watering, or fertilizing. While occasional brushing and removing debris may be necessary, it pales in comparison to the regular care demanded by a natural lawn. Enjoy more time for leisure activities and less time on lawn maintenance with artificial turf.

Myth 3: Artificial Turf Gets Extremely Hot.

Fact: While it is true that artificial grass can get warmer than natural grass under direct sunlight, technological advancements have addressed this concern. Modern artificial turf incorporates heat reduction technologies that help dissipate heat and keep the surface temperature significantly lower. Additionally, watering the turf or using shade structures can further mitigate any potential heat buildup.

Myth 4: Artificial Turf Is Unsafe for Children and Pets.

Fact: Artificial grass is designed with safety in mind. It is made from non-toxic materials and does not require the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. In fact, artificial turf provides a clean and resilient surface for children and pets to play on, reducing the risk of mud, allergies, and pests commonly associated with natural grass.

Myth 5: Artificial Turf Does Not Drain Properly and Causes Flooding.

Fact: Quality artificial turf is designed with a perforated backing that allows for efficient water drainage. When installed correctly with an appropriate base, artificial grass drains better than natural grass. It effectively channels water through the drainage system, preventing the formation of puddles and minimizing the risk of flooding.

Myth 6: Artificial Turf Is Only Suitable for Sports Fields.

Fact: While artificial turf is popular in sports fields, its versatility extends far beyond athletic use. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of residential lawns, commercial landscapes, rooftops, and even indoor spaces. Artificial grass offers a year-round green and pristine look, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

With its realistic appearance, low maintenance requirements, improved heat resistance, safety features, excellent drainage, and versatility, artificial grass offers a practical and visually appealing solution for a range of outdoor spaces. Embrace the advantages of artificial turf and enjoy a vibrant, hassle-free lawn that stays beautiful in any season.

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