Flip Your Strip to Artificial Grass, Not Rocks and Plants

Many Utah homeowners are choosing to "flip the strip" and remove grass from the parking strip in front of their homes. But what do you put in your parking strip instead?

The best choice is to Flip Your Strip to Artificial Grass, not rocks and plants.

Here are 3 reasons why:


Rocks attract pests! Spiders, wasps, and other insects love to set up shop in rocky parking strips. Artificial turf does not attract pests and is much easier to keep tidy than rocks!


Having a parking strip full of rocks and plants is inconvenient and dare I say, DANGEROUS!

To get out of a parked car along a parking strip full of plants and rocks you can expect scratches on the door of the car and unsteady footing on the rocks and roots. Flipping your strip to Artificial Turf leaves your parking strip accessible to those coming to visit.


Adding gravel and plants to your parking strip is lower maintenance than grass, but still requires drip lines, and my favorite…Constantly sweeping the rocks back into place after neighbor kids and dogs scatter them all over the sidewalk.

Rocks also catch all the debris like leaves, pine needles, and trash that must be cleaned up.  With artificial grass, the only maintenance required is the occasional leave-blowing and a quick spray of water to clean off stuck-on residue.

Flip your strip to artificial grass with turfing zion.
Flip Your Strip to Artificial Grass!

Artificial Grass is the Easiest, Most Beautiful Solution

The best option for your parking strip is Artificial Grass. Turfing Zion serves all of Utah and would love to flip your strip! Contact us for a FREE Quote!

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