Beyond Lawns: Exploring Innovative Uses of Artificial Grass in Utah

If you think artificial grass is just for boring old lawns, think again! Today, let us talk about the exciting world of synthetic turf. We will explore some cool ways Turfing Zion is transforming outdoor spaces all across the Beehive State.

Turfing zion low maintenance faux turf in outdoor setting.
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Who are we?

We are your go-to team for artificial turf installation. We know our stuff when it comes to transforming landscapes with the magic of synthetic grass. Forget the endless lawn chores and water-wasting ways of natural grass— don’t worry! We've got your back!

We can help you explore exciting and creative ways to incorporate synthetic turf into various areas of your outdoor space. 

Using Artificial Grass on Residential Lawns

Sure, we’re moving beyond lawns! But let’s face it, a lush green lawn is still a timeless classic. Artificial grass gives you the perfect lawn without the constant mowing and watering.

Commercial Landscapes

First impressions matter, right? Create a lasting impression with eye-catching artificial grass installations in front of your business or office.

Putting Greens

Calling all golf enthusiasts! Take your swing to the next level with your very own putting green. You can perfect your strokes in the comfort of your backyard rather than heading out to the course.

Playgrounds and Recreational Areas

Safety first! Artificial grass provides a soft and cushioned surface for playgrounds and play areas. Let the little ones run, jump, and play without worrying about scraped knees and grass stains.

Pet Areas and Dog Runs

Your pets deserves a pet-friendly paradise too! It’s durable, easy to clean, and won’t turn into a muddy mess after playtime.

Rooftop Gardens and Terraces

Bring nature to new heights with rooftop gardens adorned with lush synthetic turf. Embrace greenery, even in the concrete jungle.

Pool Surrounds and Decks

With artificial grass that stays green and inviting without the mess, you can turn your pool area into a tropical oasis.

Sports Fields and Stadiums

Game on! From professional stadiums to community sports fields, artificial grass provides a reliable and resilient playing surface.

Indoor and Outdoor Event Spaces

Host your next event in style with artificial grass, this will add a touch of natural beauty to any gathering.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Students can access a lively and motivating environment by installing synthetic turf in schoolyards and campuses.

Artificial grass is the way to go for your home, business, or playground. Embrace the green revolution with Turfing Zion and transform your outdoor oasis.

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