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Happy client after having turfing zion install artificial grass in backyard.

Everyone loves to see the before & after pictures of artificial grass transformations! Scroll down to see more of our portfolio.

Before & After Artificial Turf: Transforming Dreams into Reality

At Turfing Zion, we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why we’re excited to showcase our collection of captivating “before and after” photos that tell the story of our transformative work. These images are more than just snapshots; they’re a testament to the power of our expertise in landscaping, design, and outdoor space creation.

​Our “before and after” photos capture the magic of turning a vision into reality. Each set of images tells a unique story of how we’ve taken ordinary spaces and turned them into extraordinary outdoor environments. From the initial challenges and limitations to the final breathtaking results, these photos showcase the journey of transformation.

​Our residential projects demonstrate how we’ve taken overgrown, patchy lawns, and converted them into lush, green retreats. These “before and after” photos reveal the stunning impact of our work on homeowners’ lives. Imagine saying goodbye to constant lawn care and welcoming a pristine, low-maintenance landscape.

​In our commercial projects, we’ve turned nondescript entrances and outdoor areas into welcoming and impressive spaces. Our “before and after” photos display the remarkable difference we’ve made in enhancing the curb appeal and functionality of businesses. First impressions are important, and our work ensures that businesses make a lasting one.​

Our work in parks and playgrounds is all about creating safe, enjoyable, and visually appealing spaces for communities. Our “before and after” images showcase how we’ve taken neglected or outdated areas and transformed them into vibrant hubs of activity, fun, and relaxation.

​Precision is the key to our putting green projects, and our “before and after” photos highlight the exacting standards we uphold. From bare spaces to impeccably designed and maintained putting greens, these images capture the journey to golfing perfection.

​As you explore our “before and after” photos, we hope they inspire your own outdoor dreams. Each transformation represents the dedication and craftsmanship we bring to every project, no matter the size or scope. Whether you’re looking to create a dreamy residential oasis, a welcoming commercial space, a community park, a playground, or a putting green, our portfolio is a testament to what’s possible.

Let's Transform YOUR SPACE!

Ready to embark on your own transformation journey? Contact us today to discuss your project ideas, and let’s work together to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. At Turfing Zion, we’re passionate about creating outdoor spaces that exceed your expectations, just as our “before and after” photos reveal.